Tea Time #3

This is my first Tea Time and I show up with coffee!  Now, to set the record straight, I do love tea, all kinds of tea, from the traditional to the most bodacious herbal tea.  Desiring not to incite the continuing debate as to cream first or tea, suffice to say I take my tea with Lemon or plain.  Maybe, next Tea Time, I will show up with tea and my Limoges and pinky down.

The other day while in between appointments, I decided on a small treat for myself.  Cafe Du Monde is famous in New Orleans and has been around since the 1800’s.   One of their branch stores is located in my area and it is as good as the original.

Cafe Au Lait and Beignets  what a special treat.  There is no debate as to when to add the cream since both the scalding milk and coffee are added simultaneously.  The Beignets were light and hot and covered with powdered sugar.  It is beyond my understanding how it is every time I choose to eat these things I am wearing black pants and black sweater.  I end up looking like a Dalmatian of sorts.

Here are a few photos of my afternoon snack.  There is a short video included because I just loved the music.  Hope you enjoy.

For those who are not aware, Tea Time is presented by Justine see here for details http://eclecticoddsnsods.com/tea-time-event/.  Thank you Justine for all your inspiration and tea time for us to get together.

Never trust a man who, when left alone in a room with a tea cozy, doesn’t try it on. ~Billy Connolly


In my neighborhood and they have a drive through.


10:30 AM Breakfast crowd gone too, early for lunch.


Pricey mugs!


 The making of the Beignets.


Cafe Au Lait, Beignets and a Kindle can’t beat it.



VIdeo (Only a minute long).


Thanks for stopping by for a cuppa!  Feel free to comment.



This subject needs further consideration at a later date.   Here is what I came up with for glass.  Take one Martini glass add colored marbles. 

Tried many different F-Stops and Shutter speeds.  I used a Fluorescent portable light and candlelight.  Took many shots some very clear and focused, some way too dark and lifeless.  These two I liked because of the drama they brought, even though grainy.  Like I said, will have to revisit this subject.   




“Birds of a feather flock together”, this is particularly, true among red-winged blackbirds in winter.  Many birds join up together during the winter, but none are as famous for their flocking behavior as blackbirds.  They darkened the sky with their numbers as they swooped down to the ground to land only to rise again to preform aerial acrobatics of death defying feats. 

This large flock was only, one of several I spotted during my 20 or so mile drive to reach the interstate leaving Metropolis, Illinois, in January 2013.  Some flocks are estimated to be as large as 15 million birds.  It is believed the large flocks aid in searching for food and water and watching for predators, safety in numbers, although the studies have been inconclusive.

This was a sight to behold and something many of us do not get to see in the cities where we live.

Truly, these flocks are amazing and fascinating to watch.






DAY 11: A Pop of Color

February 9, 2013 the Mardi Gras Krewe of Endymion rolls world’s largest float and I was there with my camera.

 The theme for the parade was, “Pontchartrain Beach Then and Now”, 365-foot-long, a nine-segment, 250-rider, 190-ton capacity float that they believe is the largest in history.

Here are a few shots of that night.  Along with me were two of my grandchildren, and couple of friends.  We had a prime viewing place located out of that sea of people.  The parade passes directly in front of a friend’s house and we were able to sit on his porch during the parade.  It was a specular night, great weather and the best free entrainment you could ever want.

Hope you enjoy!

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To view a short video of the parade click here:  http://youtu.be/S78V91S4iwk